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Humanitarian Projects





The humanitarian projects carried out by the Community are divided into two groups for both Brothers/Priests and Sisters:


The Brothers/Priests are in charge of five (5) projects:





1. Conducting community development programs, such as pig farming:

This year of 2009 we intend to increase our plans for development in the area of breeding pigs to assist 100 more families earn a stable income.  This totals 200 families who are the recipients of the pig breeding development programs.  In 2010 our goal is to expand these pig breeding development programs for 200 families living in impoverished rural areas, and to assist non-Christian/non-Catholic poor families. The pig breeding development programs will include a total of 400 families.                    


At the same time our goal is to send six Brothers to study to become veterinarians to minister to the pig breeding development programs for poor families mentioned above.  One Brother will serve as veterinarian-Doctor and five Brothers will serve as veterinarian-Nurses.  The time for the studies and training of the veterinarian-Doctor is five years, and two years for the veterinarian-Nurses.


2. Constructing houses of love:

In December of 2008 we were able to build 19 houses for 19 families who were living by the trash dumps.  We are also helping these families with the pig development program so they can earn a stable income to provide for their families.  From now on they will have money to provide for their children and allow them to attend school.  In addition, we are helping to dig a pond so the families can raise fish for their food.  The land is also being terraced so they can plant vegetables for their daily consumption.

There are still many families who are homeless and living in destitute situations.  They could not find work due to lack of fund/capital and have no land to cultivate.  They are currently living next to the trash dumps.  They live in an environment that is filthy and contaminated and therefore, their health is not guaranteed, especially the women and children. 



3. Planting and processing traditional medicine from plants grown and collected from forests to be used at clinics directed by the Sisters:

In January of 2009 our traditional medicine processing center was completed.  At this facility our Brothers process herbal medicine to be distributed at our new clinic, which
was constructed to provide medical needs for poor families in the surrounding areas.  The clinic is run by our Sisters and is located within the vicinity of our central location (Motherhouse).  The current clinic has the capacity to care for as many as 2,000 patients per month. 


A fourth smaller clinic is under construction to provide health care to more than 2,700 patients among the Montagnard people in Daguri (Bao Loc area).  A fifth smaller clinic is also under constuction near the Shrine of Our Lady of Tapao.



4. Directing boarding house and scholarship programs for high school male students from poor families:

Currently we operate two boarding houses for about 70 high school students, one for boys and one for girls in Lagi, Binh Thuan. 


We are in the process of drawing up plans to construct two boarding houses for high school students, which are in great need.  Each boarding house is one story with 250 m2 for each house.  If funds are available, the construction of these two facilities can begin in 2010-2011. 

Our plan is also to expand our current boarding house in Daguri in cooperation with the Community of the Gospel of Life. 


5. Operating the water filtration machines to provide clean drinking water for poor families:

We have installed five (5) water filtration machines in the Province of Binh Thuan and one (1) at a church in Binh Duong for the orphans, which are providing clean drinking water to more than 40,000 people. 

This year of 2009 our plan is to install one water filtration machine in Dami (serving the Montagnard people) and one in Daguri. 



The Sisters are in charge of five (5) projects:




1. Raising cows to obtain milk for malnourished children and the elderly:

The cows we now have are very old.  We are in need of purchasing 8 young cows to provide milk to malnourished children and the elderly.


2. Sewing new clothes for poor families and victims of natural disasters:

Our goal for the year 2009 is to sew 2,000 sets of clothes for flood victims and 500 sets of clothes for poor children among the Montagnard/minority families.

Our goal also includes the completion of the construction of the new Sheila Marie Headly Sewing Center using modern technologies to train young men and women with the sewing skills they need to work in larger sewing factories/industries.  The construction of this sewing facility was completed in February of 2009.  Plans are now being made to purchase sewing machines and to train women from poor families with the skills needed to work at our sewing center.  This work will enable them to earn a stable income for themselves and their families.

Our new sewing center will provide jobs for young women at their own homes in the villages so that they may avoid large expenses working in the cities and away from home and enticed into immoral circumstances.

3. Applying acupuncture and providing medical care and traditional medicine at our clinics:

Since 2007 we have provided medical care to more than 30,000 patients at our three clinics.  This year our plan is to establish a new clinic in Daguri to serve the minority/Montagnard families and a new clinic near the Shrine of Our Lady of Tapao to provide medical care to poor families in the area.  Our plan is to be able to provide medical care to about 60,000 patients at our five clinics during the year 2009.

In order to advance our medical skills and techniques, our Sisters are being trained for the following: one Oriental medicine doctor, one pharmacist, ten Sisters traditional medicine/acupuncture nurses, and one nutrition nurse.  It takes six years to train a doctor and three years for traditional medicine nurses.

4. Directing boarding houses and scholarship programs for high school and college women from poor families:

There are great needs for boarding houses and scholarships.  Each year hundreds of students would come to us and ask to reside at the boarding house.  The students who are accepted to reside at the boarding house each pays about $18 USD per month, which include room and meals.  

Since 2007, through diligent studies, almost 100% of our students graduated from high school.  If we do not provide them with affordable boarding houses, they will be forced to quit school.  Our current boarding houses can only take in 70 students.  Unfortunately, we have to turn away many worthy candidates just because we do not have the space for them.

Our dream is to build two larger boarding house facilities to accommodate both male and female high school students so that every student who has a desire to learn and has the capacity to complete their high school is given the opportunity to do so.

5. Providing assistance to the disabled, lepers, drugs addicts, and the elderly:

We have one Sister who is a register nurse and is participating in the medical activities of the Province.  Through these encounters the Sisters are able to assist those with skin diseases, leprosy, lung cancer, etc.  The Sisters assist these patients without fear to being contracted with the diseases.  The Sister who is a register nurse will become a physician in 2011.  Our plan is to send more Sisters to school to become physicians in order to minister to patients with these similar illnesses.