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Sewing Clothes for Poor Students


for poor students and families...

The Sisters are sewing new white shirts for poor students.
Each sewing stitch is a gesture of our solidarity with the poor.


A group of our Sisters is in charge of sewing new clothes throughout the year.  Our Founder, Most Reverend Paul Nguyen Thanh Hoan, believes in the integrity and dignity of the poor.  That is why we do not collect old clothes to distribute to the poor.  Our sewing room always has new clothes ready to be distributed to those who need them, especially poor students and families affected by natural disasters.

Our goal for the year 2009 is to sew 2,000 sets of clothes for flood victims and 500 sets of clothes for poor children among the Montagnard/minority families.

In February of 2009 the construction of the new Sheila Marie Headly Sewing Center was completed.  At this new center, we will be using modern technologies to train women with the sewing skills they need to work in larger sewing factories/industries.  Plans are now being made to purchase sewing machines and to train women from poor families with the skills needed to work at our sewing center and/or in other sewing factories or at their own homes in their own villages. 


Sister irons and folds a white shirt for a poor student.
Each action, each effort is a symbol of our love and solidarity!

The sewn white shirts for poor students are ready to be distributed. 
We send the children these fruits of our labor with our love and assurance!


The new Sheila Marie Headley Sewing Center in Ham Tan, Binh Thuan
where hope for a better quality of life for many families begins!


Inside the new Sheila Marie Headley Sewing Center.


Our new sewing center will provide jobs for about 100 young women.  They will be sewing trousers and shirts for a company that has a contract with us.  This work will enable them to earn a stable income for themselves and their families.  These women live in close proximity to the sewing center.  By working at our facility, these women can avoid large expenses of renting room and board when they work in large cities and away from home.  Working far away from home can also lead to other unfavorable circumstances.  Thus, the new sewing center not only provides these young women with financial security, it also guarantees for them treasured time spent with families and friends.