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Pig Breeding Development Program



Pig Breeding Development Program...
providing a stable income for poor families
at no cost to them!


A Brother-Veterinarian makes sure the sows are well taken care of.

For the past two years we have been able to assist 120 poor families earn a stable income through our pig breeding development program.  These families now have the financial resources to take care of their families' basic needs, such as shelters and food, as well as providing for their children's educational needs.  Most of our recipients are non-Catholics (about 70%).  The list of families requesting to be the recipients of this program is long.  However, due to limited funding, we can only help some of the more destitute families.

The Community builds a pig pen for a family qualified for our pig development program in the back of their house.  Each family is then given 6 piglets, which have been raised by the Community for 3 months or each weighing about 20 kgs.  Our Sisters/Brothers veterinarians take care of the pig vaccines and make sure they are healthy.  The Community provides the foods for these piglets.  The wife or mother of each household spends only 15 minutes twice a day (30 minutes daily) at home to feed and take care of these piglets for the next three months until they are ready for the market.  The Community then takes the pigs to be sold in the market.  The Community gives the families their share of raising the pigs, earning between $80 to $100 a month, which in most cases, is higher than a teacher's salary in Vietnam.  By spending only 30 minutes a day to care for the pigs, the wife or mother has all the time she needs to care for her family.  She also feels confident about her ability to contribute to her family financially.  More importantly, she now has the financial means to send her children to school and provide for their educational needs.  She can even save enough money to renovate her house, start a small business, and/or continue with earning her family income through raising sows.  Each family is assisted in this program for 4 years (so that other families can be assisted also).  After 4 years, if the families choose to contine raising pigs, the Community guides them in raising their own sows.

This year of 2009 we intend to increase our plans for development in the area of breeding pigs to assist an additional 120 families.  This totals 240 families who are the recipients of our pig breeding development programs. 

Currently we are sending six Brothers to Saigon to study to become veterinarians to minister to the pig breeding development programs for poor families mentioned above.  One Brother will serve as veterinarian-Doctor and five Brothers will serve as veterinarian-Nurses.  The time for the studies and training of the veterinarian-Doctor is five years, and two years for the veterinarian-Nurses.


The new-born piglets.


A Brother-Veterinarian gives a vaccine to a piglet.


These piglets are almost ready to be delivered to the recipients.


Families who are recipients of our Pig Breeding Development Program
are waiting to bring the piglets home.


The piglets are released to the families from our pig pens.


Each family receives 6 piglets to raise at home.


Our piglets are ready to go to the families.


All 6 piglets in one delivery.


A recipient obtains foods for the piglets from the Community's storage.