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About CCSS

The Community of Charity and Social Services (Tu Đoàn Bác Ái Xã Hội) is a Society of Apostolic Life of the Roman Catholic Church founded by Most Reverend Paul Nguyen Thanh Hoan, Bishop of the Diocese of Phan Thiet, Vietnam in 1995 and officially recognized by His Excellency, Most Reverend Nicholas Nghi, in 2004.  Members profess the Three Evangelical Counsels of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience.  Similar to Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity, members of the Community of Charity and Social Services also profess a fourth vow, that of serving the poor in charity.






         ...in community we find UNITY and STRENGTH...
                   unity which springs from love of Christ.

                               We together try to grow

                               in His holiness and life

                 His never changing love for everyone.


                      Thank you, Lord, for calling us.

             Thank you, Lord, for this gift of Your love.

               You have called us to love You above all,

               to give our life in exchange for Your life.

                                   Thank you, Lord.

                                  Thank you, Lord.



                  The Community praying...


           The Community recites the Divine Office (morning prayer). 
                                             Daily Mass follows.




      The Community gathers daily in the chapel for Mass, meditation, 
morning/evening/night prayers and the recitation of the rosary.



   The Sisters receiving the Constitution at their Profession of Vows.



The Brothers professing their First Vows.


            The Community Studying...


    Theology Class of 2009 taught by Rev. Matthew Nguyen Khac Hy,
                      Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology

          St. Mary Seminary & University, Baltimore, MD, USA.



                 Let us invoke the Holy Spirit's guidance
                     as we begin our week of theological studies.


                Our first topic focuses on Christology...


                  We will also focus on Ecclesiology...


        Thank you, Fr. Hy, for a week of inspiration and knowledge.




                   The Community Serving...





                 Planting traditional/herbal medicine.





         Preparing for the planting of traditional/herbal medicine.



                            Feeding the cows.



                    Getting ready to work in the fields.


                  Decorating the flowers for our chapel.


Collecting grass for our cows and clearing the ground for traditional/herbal plants.



                   Serving our clinics/medical facilities.



               Taking blood pressure and reading vital signs.



                             Taking blood pressure.



  Milking cows to obtain milk for malnourished children and the elderly.



           Distributing fresh pasteurized milk to an elderly woman.



   Taking care of our piglets to ensure the Pig Developmennt Program.



Helping poor families earn a stable income through our Pig Devel. Program.


         Preparing the traditional/herbal medicine for our patients.


                Wrapping traditional/herbal medicine in packages.


                     Taking care of the wounds of a leper.


                  Sewing new white shirts for poor students.


      Preparing purified drinking water at our Water Filtration Facility.


            Building "houses of love" at The Martineau Village.


Ensuring the children/families a brighter future with new homes and new jobs.


             Providing room/board & guidance to high school students
                                           at our boarding house.


                 Providing room/board & guidance to college students
                                at Lavang Boarding House in Saigon.



                 Getting the new bicycles ready for the children.



      Distributing new bicycles to poor students to commute to school.



   Each child receives a new pair of sandals to replace their worn out ones.


              Everyone is happy to receive a new pair of sandals.









    "...but Jesus said, 'Let the children come to me, 
                     and do not prevent them; 
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" 
(Matthew 19:14)