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News & Events


THEOLOGY CLASSES from JULY 5-10, 2009!

The Community is profoundly grateful to Rev. Matthew Nguyen Khac Hy for his time, expertise, and clarification on the Church' teachings on Christology and Ecclesiology. 


Theology Class of 2009.





In July of 2009 we distributed 161 bicycles to 161 poor students in Nghe An (north Vietnam) and in Kien Giang, Dami, and Ham Tan (south Vietnam).  We also distributed 400 pairs of sandals to 400 students in Nghe An.  There are still many requests for bicycles in all parts of Vietnam, especially Nghe An, Kien Giang, and Phan Thiet. 




Children at the church in Nghe An performed several dances and
posed with Sr. Cecilia prior to receiving the bicycles and sandals.




The children posed with Sr. Cecilia in front of Phi Loc Catholic Church.


Your contribution of $50 can purchase a bike for a poor student in Vietnam, enabling him/her to commute to school and save them time from walking.  It will also encourage him/her to persevere in his/her academic endeavors, thus securing for them a brighter and happier future!  Your contribution can go a long way in Vietnam!


BICYCLE:  $50 for one bike

SANDAL:   $2 a pair 


Last year (2008) we distributed 100 bicycles to three rural areas in North Vietnam. 

We were also able to help 480 students with 480 pairs of sandals, thanks to our benefactors.






Fr. Joseph Linh Nguyen distributed the first 10 bicycles to 10 poor students

in Nghe An, North Vietnam in April 2008.





Fr. Joseph Linh Nguyen shows Sr. Cecilia the 40 bicycles

prior to distributing them to the children in July 2008.





HOUSES OF LOVE (The Martineau Village)


... A Dream Come True!


In December of 2008, through the generous donation of our benefactor,  we were able to purchase a piece of land not too far from our Community, which we named The Martineau Village, and built 19 houses for 19 families who were living by the trash dump.  The families are now happily settled in their new homes with a garden to plant their own vegetables and a fish pond for food.  They are also recipients of our Pig Breeding Development Program, which earns them a stable income to support themselves and their families.  Now the parents can rest assured and be able to send their children to school.  It still sems like a dream to them... since there are still many families who are struggling but are not as lucky as these 19 families are. 


See below some of the "houses of love" built for these families and their impoverished situation by the trash dump before relocating to The Martineau Village.




A brand new house for a struggling family!




Our DREAM finally comes true!  THANK YOU.




It is indeed "home sweet home."




All 19 families in this Martineau Village are now happily settled!

      Thank you to Ms. Martineau and Bishop Paul Nguyen Thanh Hoan

      for making a difference for them!




This "house of love" has become our HOME of JOY!




Sr. Cecilia Nguyen posing with some of the children

 in front of a newly built house at The Martineau Village.




Below are pictures depicting the life of the 19 families

who used to live by the trash dump

prior to relocating in The Martineau Village in December of 2008. 

Thank you to Ms. Martineau and Bishop Paul Nguyen Thanh Hoan

for giving them a better quality of life, which they truly deserve as God's children!




This is one of the shelters that used to provide a "roof over the head"

    for this family prior to relocating at The Martineau Village!





Yes...  Life is hard!  There seems to be no bright future for us!




This is where my children, my wife, and I live.




This is our home...and our valuables collected from the trash dump next door!




This is what we do everyday!  Collecting our treasures from the piles of trash.

Yes...our children learn the hard way.




Is it possible that many people still live in this kind of environment? 

YES... see for yourself!