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for malnourished children and the elderly...


Our Postulants milking a cow.

For the past few years we have been able to provide fresh milk from our cows to hundreds of malnourished children and the elderly.  Our Postulants (newcomers to the Community) are in charge of this program.  The milk is extracted from the cows, boiled (pasteurized), and then poured into individual plastic bags and distributed to families with malnourished children and the elderly.  Through this program, many mothers are relieved of nursing their children and are able to return to work.

The eight (8) cows we have had were too old and needed to be replaced.  Currently we are in need of eight new young cows to continue this much needed project. 


The eight (8) cows at our farm.


The cows that have provided milk for malnourished children.


Our Postulants milking the cows.


Fresh milk.



Fresh pasteurized milk distributed to an elderly man.


Fresh pasteurized milk distributed to a disabled person.


Fresh pasteurized milk distributed to an elderly woman.