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Boarding Houses & Scholarships


providing room/board and scholarships to high school and college students

Bishop Paul Nguyen Thanh Hoan distributes scholarships to some
of our high school students attending school in Lagi, Binh Thuan.

There are great demands for boarding houses and scholarships in Vietnam.  Each year hundreds of students would come to us and ask to reside at our boarding houses in Lagi (Binh Thuan Proviince), one for high school girls and one for high school boys.  The students who are accepted to reside at our boarding houses each pays about $18 USD per month, which includes room and meals.  This minimal fee relieves the parents of the burden of renting rooms and paying for their children's meals in the city, which is very costly for their low income.  Through this program the students themselves are able concentrate on their studies and need not worry about the financial difficulties their families are struggling.


Our boarding house for high school girls in Lagi, Binh Thuan


Our high school girls studying at the boarding house.


Our high school boys studying at the boarding house.

Since 2007, through diligent studies, almost 100% of our students graduated from high school.  If we do not provide them with affordable boarding houses, they will be forced to quit school.  Both of our boarding houses can only take in 70 students each year.  Unfortunately, we have to turn away many worthy candidates just because we do not have the space for them.

Our plan is to build two larger boarding house facilities to accommodate both male and female high school students so that every student who has a desire to learn and has the capacity to complete their high school is given the opportunity to do so. 
Each boarding house is one story with 250 m2 in area.  If funds are available, the construction of these two facilities can begin in 2010-2011.

We also operate another boarding house for high school boys in Daguri in cooperation with the Community of the Gospel of Life.  Some of these students are from the Montanard community; they are some of the 53 indigenous/tribal groups living in Vietnam with their own languages and cultures.

In addition, in cooperation with Vietnam Dream for Success (VDS), we also help direct a boarding house for college women in Saigon.  Currently we have 16 young students residing at the Lavang Boarding House.  All of their meals, room and board, and tuitions and books are taken care of by VDS.  Since its operation in 2007, we have had two graduates with degrees in veterinarian technology.  This year of 2009, three of our students will also graduate with a degree in nutrition nursing.  Our students attend several colleges and universities in Saigon and major in various fields.   We instill in these students the spirit of gratitude and giving back to society.  Once they are successful and secured financially, they are encouraged to help other college students who need assistance just as they have been assisted.  For further information in Vietnam Dream for Success, please visit our website: www.vietnamdreamforsuccess.org.


Students at the Lavang Boarding House in Saigon with Sr. Cecilia.


Our college students studying at the Lavang Boarding House.


Our college students preparing for exams at the Lavang Boarding House.


Our college students studying computer at the Lavang Boarding House.


Our students at dinner time at the Lavang Boarding House.


Our students at the Lavang Boarding House bicycling to the bus station.
There they take the bus to commute to